Skating Deadline


Our ANNUAL COOKIE RALLY is on the road to being our biggest and best yet!

If you haven’t ordered your tickets already, please do! There is a firm skating deadline. Please read below.

If you have already purchased your tickets and are interested in participating in the skating opportunity, please read the following very closely and pay special attention to the deadline. (No extensions/exceptions can be given under any circumstances.):

Adults will be allowed on the ice with their girls as stated in Volunteer Essentials:

  • For Daisys: 2 adults per 6 girls (+1 additional adult per every additional 4 girls)
  • For Brownies: 2 adults per 12 girls (+1 additional adult per every additional 6 girls)
  • For Juniors: 2 adults per 16 girls (+1 additional adult per every additional 8 girls)
  • For Cadettes: 2 adults per 20 girls (+1 additional adult per every additional 10 girls)
  • For Seniors: 2 adults per 24 girls (+1 additional adult per every additional 12 girls)
  • For Ambassadors: 2 adults per 24 girls (+1 additional adult per every additional 12 girls)

(Siblings who are attending and want to skate must be included in the above girl/adult ratio)

Anyone who can officially be a Girl Scout, must be a registered Girl Scout to skate. (This means ALL girls/women beginning at age 5+ and men beginning at 18 years old.)

Skating time periods will be dependent on the number of people wanting to skate. (Skate periods have the potential of being as short as 15 minutes or as long as 45 minutes.) The All State and Chicago Wolves have the right to limit skaters per time slot. If that needs to happen, skaters will be taken in the order in which the completed waivers are received. Skaters will receive a time slot and can only skate during the time they are assigned. Time slots will be emailed before the New Year. If a skater misses his/her time slot on the day of the rally, they will not be able to reschedule.

Each and every person skating (adults and children alike) must fill out the attached waiver; anyone without a waiver will NOT be able to skate. No exceptions.

The waiver for adults and the waiver for children are linked below.

Please be sure each waiver is filled out completely and legibly. All waivers must be mailed to the Chicago Wolves and postmarked no later than December 4, 2017 and mailed to:


Chicago Wolves

Attn: Stefanie Evans

2301 Ravine Way

Glenview, IL 60025

(The Chicago Wolves are not responsible for misdirected mail. We recommend that you make and keep copies of the waivers before you mail them.)

We will only be accepting waivers until December 4, 2017. After that date, we will no longer be accepting waivers to skate on the ice and skating registration will be closed. This is a firm deadline.

Skaters must bring their own skates. Please note that skate rental will NOT be provided. After skaters get off the ice, they must store their skates in their vehicles. Skates CAN NOT be in the building during the Wolves game.

Thanks again everyone! A lot to read and a lot to follow, but you know it’s all about the safety of our Girl Scouts and their Families/Guests.

Please click for the Adult Waiver and click for the Child Waiver