Girl Scout Cookie Rally Contests

We have 3 contests this year in which you can participate! 

Rules for participation:


  • Girl Scout/Troop/Family commitment forms (along with ‘Release for Minors’ permission slip) will start being accepted on November 15, 2016 giving everyone a fair chance at being a part of these great opportunities.
  • Completed commitment form(s) and permission slip(s) must be emailed to no earlier than November 15, 2016 and no later than 11:59pm December 31, 2016 (Or until maximums are filled; whichever happens first.)
  • Once you fill out a commitment form and receive a confirmation of entry, there is no backing out.  If you no longer can participate, you must find another group to take your place.
  • All contests will take place on the day of our Cookie Rally, January 7, 2017. Must be present to win.
  • Those participating in any of the contests must purchase tickets to attend the cookie rally (including girls/parents/siblings/and anyone helping to set up or take down entries.)
  • You must be prepared to follow the set-up and take down times.
  • You must bring all of the supplies needed with you to the rally.
  • Please fill out one commitment form for each contest you are entering.
  • Only one entry per each contest.
  • Girls/Troops/Families can participate in 1-3 of the contests listed below.  (Be sure you look at the timing of the contests; folks can’t be in two places at once.)



#1 BLING YOUR COOKIE BOOTH - maximum of 50 troops/families/girls can participate.  On the day of our cookie rally, January 7, 2017, come prepared to bling your cookie booth.  One standard size banquet table will be supplied for you and one empty box of each of the 7 varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, but that’s it!  You will have from noon-1:30pm to set up and decorate your booth. Once you set up the booth, you will not stay at the booth but rather go and enjoy the rest of the rally.  No glitter can be used on your booth or signage. No actual samples of cookies can be used on your booth for this contest, but if giving samples is something you like to do, you are welcome to use pictures to represent the samples.

Those attending our rally from 2pm-3:30pm will be able to vote for their favorite booths.  Between 3:30pm-4:30pm, all booths must be taken down and items placed back into your car.

The top three winners will be announced around the ice rink between 5-5:45pm.  Winners will receive 2 choices of council booth site slots each before they are opened to all troops. Details will be given to the winners; booth choices will need to be called in the morning of January 8th. Must be present to win. 

#2 COOKIE BUSINESS PLAN AND PRESENTATION - for Junior/Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Girl Scouts only-first 25 girls who sign up for this opportunity will present their (up to) 3 minute business plan to a board of distinguished judges on the day of the rally beginning at noon.  This will be a non-electronic presentation; no computers, no phones.  You can use posters and handouts and visuals. 1st place = $250 in GCNWI credit per winning troop.  2nd Place = $150 in GCNWI credit per winning troop.  3rd place = $100 in GCNWI credit per winning troop. Winners announced that day between 5-5:45pm. Must be present to win.

#3 GIRL SCOUT COOKIE RECIPE CONTEST - the first 25 dessert entries and the first 25 non-dessert entries can participate (Individual Girl Scout entries only. No Troop or Family entries for this contest.) There will be a panel of chefs, foodies, Chicago Wolves personnel judging.  Your recipe must be brought to a designated place at the All State on the rally day at 1pm.  The top three in each category will receive a ribbon and the top recipe in each category will receive a gift certificate to a cooking class at Pinstripes.  Winners will be announced that day between 5-5:45pm. Recipes must be premade and ready to serve with enough samples for 20. There will be no way to keep dishes hot or cold once you get them to the All State.  Once you receive a confirmation of your entry commitment form, that form will further instruct you on how to get 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for your recipe. Must be present to win.


Commitment Form:

Must be emailed to between November 15, 2016-11:59pm on December 10, 2016 along with the permission slip.


(Please fill out one form for each contest in which you are participating)

Select one:





Select one:

_____Girl Scout is participating on her own. Girl Scout’s age-level is ____________________.

Girl Scout’s name ________________________________  5 digit troop # _______________


_____Girl Scout is participating with her Family. Girl Scout’s age-level is _________________.

Girl Scout’s name _______________________________


_____Troop is participating.  Troop age-level is ______________________________. 5 digit troop # ___________________________



Name of adult contact ____________________________________________________

Day phone _______________________ Evening phone _______________________

Email __________________________________________

Phone number where you receive text ____________________________________________


As the adult of this entry:


_____I understand that we will be emailed a confirmation that our commitment form has been received.  If I do not receive that email, I understand that I should contact the product program team at the Girl Scout office at 855-ILOVEGS ext 6722


_____I also understand that once I receive that confirmation, I am committing to participate in the contest(s) in which we signed up for.


_____I understand that winners must be present at our cookie rally on January 7, 2017.  Tickets must be purchased through The Chicago Wolves.  Parking cost is under $20 (cash only).


____I understand that we will have to be present at the specified time listed on the confirmation as well as the presentation of winners between 5-5:45pm.


_____I give permission for photos to be used by Girl Scout and Chicago Wolves social media, promotions and etc.


Signature ________________________________________Date ___________________________




DATE(S):  _________________________January 7, 2017__________________________________

PHOTOGRAPHER/PRODUCER:  _______various________________________________________

ASSIGNMENT: ___________________________________________________________________

COUNCIL (IF APPROPRIATE): _____Girl Scouts Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana________

LOCATION: ____All-State___________________________________________________________

ACTIVITY:  _______Cookie Rally_____________________________________________________


For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, I hereby consent and agree to the following:

1.         I hereby grant to Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI), and others working for Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana or on its behalf, and each of its respective licensees, successors and assigns (each a “Releasee”), the irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual, unlimited right and permission to use, distribute, publish, exhibit, digitize, broadcast, display, modify, create derivative works of, reproduce or otherwise exploit my name, picture, likeness and voice (including any video footage of the same) (collectively, “Media”), or to refrain from so doing, anywhere in the world, by any persons or entities deemed appropriate by Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana , for any purpose (except defamatory) including, without limitation, any use for educational, advertising, non-commercial or commercial purposes in any manner or media whatsoever (whether known or hereafter devised) including, without limitation, on the internet, in print campaigns, in-store and via television.  I agree that I have no interest or ownership in any of the Media. 

2.         I shall have no right of approval, no claim to compensation and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based upon invasion of privacy, defamation or right of publicity) arising out of any use, alteration, blurring, illusionary effect or use in any composite form of my name, picture, likeness and voice.  I agree that nothing in this Release will create any obligation on GSUSA to make any use of the Media or the rights granted in this Release.  I hereby release and hold harmless Releases from any claim for injury, compensation or negligence resulting or arising from any activities authorized by this Release and any use of the Media by Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

NAME OF MINOR (please print):______________________________________________________________________


CITY_______________________________________________                  STATE_________________________               ZIP__________

DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER: (_____)________________ ADDITIONAL PHONE (optional)  (____)__________________   

Release for Minors (those under the age of eighteen):  I, the undersigned, being a parent or guardian of the minor, hereby consent to the foregoing conditions and warrant that I have the authority to give such consent.

NAME OF PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN (please print):_____________________________________________________

SIGNATURE OF PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN (REQUIRED):_______________________________________________


PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN EMAIL ADDRESS*:___________________________@____________________________


Any revisions to the text of this Release must be approved in writing by Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana prior to the activity in order for the changes to be effective. 12/2010